Spray Tan

Product Details:

Experience a professinal tan by Aussie Bombshell and Vani T. Aussie Bombshell and Vani T manufacture their own products with your health and saftey in mind, using only superior, essential, natural ingredients.

One of the main reasons to choose Aussie Bombshell and Vani T is the natural colour, a sun kissed bronze glow that looks like you just walked off the beach, not an "orange" or artificial colour.

To ensure the best results from your tan please do the following before your appointment:

  • Have a shower to remove any deoderant, perfumes and moisturisers
  • Exfoliate the body to remove any excess dead skin cells, focusing on the drier areas of yor body
  • Shave or wax 24hrs before your appointment
  • Wear loose, dark clothing that will minimise the tan rubbing off after application