Oil Control Lotion

Product Details:

A hydrating, oil-free, feather light lotion containing additional micro sponges to help absorb even more oil on skin’s surface and maintain an all-day matte finish. Active sebum regulating complex helps control oil production while Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract helps reduce oily shine. Contains no artificial fragrance or colour. 

skin condition
Acneic and breakout-prone skin, or areas of excess oil production. 

how to use
After cleansing with Clearing Skin Wash and toning with Skin Purifying Wipes, apply with light, upward strokes. May be re-applied as needed throughout the day. Can be applied over or mixed with Special Clearing Booster or prescribed Dermalogica Concentrated Booster for skin condition-specific results. 

how it works
Zinc Gluconate and Caffeine help regulate sebum production to minimize excess surface oils. Microsponges absorb excess oils on skin for an all-day matte finish. Salicylic Acid helps clear impacted follicles and minimize acne formation. Hyssopus helps prevent future breakouts.